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Education makes man able to live a quality life which is also an objective of Relative Nepal. To provide quality and child friendly education to Maithili children, Relative Nepal has been helping local community to establish community school and registered into them in government. Relative Nepal has been running 5 community schools in Dhanusha and Mahottaru District. 789 students are attending school till now. All community school has been receiving support for teacher's salary, trainings, study materials and financial support for repair and maintenance of school building as well as administrative help in coordination with government.


Its support of existing 5 schools has been significant and the schools are running very well. The teaching as well as the materials and the infrastructure of the schools have improved. Also the capacity of School Management Committees has improved and they have been able to seek for government support successfully. All the teachers are trained. They have understood and taken responsibility of schools and participating in community work as well.


The School Improvement Plans have been made for the schools, and they are followed and evaluated. The number of students has increased a lot, and the attendance is more regular. People in the project area have changed their thinking concerning education. Before many girls did not get opportunities for education but now Maithili people are sending girls and boys for education regularly.


Communities have started to take ownership of schools and helping in each aspect of school and asking government to support funds. The schools have gained lots of positive media attention, which has brought and will bring private support to the schools.


To increase in literate percentage in Maithili community, Relative Nepal has been running different literacy programs. It has aimed to make children, men and women of local community literate through literacy program. Relative Nepal believes that literacy classes can be the tool to increase literacy rate in the Maithili community.


People who were unable to read and write and felt ashamed in the community got opportunity to participate in the literacy classes and learned to read, write and even do few mathematic calculations. It has been very significant for them.


720 Dalit, Janjati and poor illiterate Maithili people became literate through 36 literacy classes till now. It has affected their lives and the lives of their families comprehensively. They know that being literate is the first step towards empowerment and knew the value of literate educated life.

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